Александр Самойлов. Выставки

Персональные выставки

1991        First private exhibition,"The First Gallery", Moscow

1997       Second private exhibition, "Manezh" gallery,  Moscow

1998       Third private exhibition, "Rossini gallery,  Moscow

2007       Four private exhibition, Galerie",   Paris

Групповые выставки

1985       "The Exhibition of Nine Photographers", Moscow

1993        "Russia,   Ukraine,   Belorussia" exhibition, Moscow

1999       "Art-Manezh" Arts Fair,  Moscow "Paris Photo" Photography Fair,   Paris

2000       "Glaz"   (Eye)   gallery,  Moscow

2003       "Masterpieces of the Russian Underground",   Lincoln Center,   New York

2007       "Four Russian" Duncan Miller Gallery", Los Angeles